1. Start with a great pair of jeans.

At the risk of stating the obvious, start with jeans that are on trend and look great on you. If they don’t fit you well, you’ll look sloppy and frumpy no matter how perfectly accessorized they are. Also make sure you’re wearing the style that works best for your body type.


  1. Choose t-shirts with the best length, shape, and neckline for your body type.

The fit and style of your t-shirt is every bit as important as the fit and style of your jeans, and again, every woman’s body is different, so this may vary depending on your size and body type.


  1. Add interest with patterns, embellishments, and fun details.

The cross-front tee in the picture at the top of this post is a fun way to elevate a basic tee, but it’s old and I’m having trouble finding links to current ones.

4.Finally, consider your shoes and bag. 

Cute shoes or a bright colored handbag go a long way towards pulling an outfit together. Trade in your gym sneakers for a Converse or Superga. Ballet flats and loafers also work well with jeans and and a tee, and you can certainly wear wedge sandals or even stilettos if the event calls for it. For an edgier vibe, try wearing ankle boots with jeans and a tee for a fun transition look this fall.